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Regional presence, local understanding Our clients are large companies with a regional presence, leaders in various industries that seek out suppliers who are also regional in order to guarantee the same service standards. In addition, local markets require specific knowledge of how to do business and operate more effectively in that specific culture. Net Partners has offices throughout the Americas and work with a specialized staff in each market (a network with more than 250 consultants all over the Americas) that knows the particulars of the landscape and how to do business in that specific market, providing a competitive advantage for our clients. Results that speak for themselves Our clients are our best references. Due to the results and accountability that we demonstrate in our projects, we are a firm that has been recommended by 100% of our clients and 30% of our current clients were recommended by other clients. We faithfully follow the Net Value methodology developed by Ernst & Young Consulting in which every project has a plan, an evaluation and a control. We are leaders in innovation We not only provide technology consulting, but we are your guide on the road to innovation and business upgrades. Being leaders requires constant work and a greater commitment. We follow that mission by offering our expertise during the entire process, all the while working to keep you at the top.
  • Leaders in different kinds of ERP implementations: local, rollouts, upgrades, re-implementations, and improvements.
  • Pioneers in implementing new "Netweaver" solutions in our regions:
    • First to implement BW and SEM in the Andean Region in 2002.
    • First to implement Portals in Latin America in 2003.
    • First in SAP version ECC 6.0 in 2006.
Multi-skilled and proper attitude:
  • Knowledge: We are an SAP service partner and are continuously updating our practice with new technologies.
  • Proven hands-on experience with ERP (R/3 and ECC), CRM (customer relationship management), BI (business intelligence), EP (enterprise portals) and Mobile Integration. We have implemented non-traditional SAP functionalities such as Material Ledger, Inflation Management, IFRS (international financial reporting system), Treasury Management and Warehouse Management, among others.
  • Multicultural exposure: Narrowing gaps of understanding and perceptions and facilitating effective communication. Language skills: English-Spanish-Portuguese.
World-class methodology: "On time, on budget" Meeting the deadline and staying on budget for a project is crucial. We make it possible to do both with accuracy and without risking quality. Based on our experience, we have absolute knowledge of the path we are taking in order to fulfill the expectation of each project.
  • Net Value is the methodology of NetPartners.
  • Net Value has been adapted from the Fusion methodology of E&Y Consulting.
  • It is the base for quality project development on time and on budget.
  • Adapted to the reality of the region.
  • It incorporates all aspects of the project: planning, design, implementation, and support, with a special emphasis on project management.
  • Net Value is based on our combined experience in "SAP Solution Manager".
Integral Approach Our solutions respond to the needs of our clients, taking into consideration the organization and the people composing it, and combining Strategy, Processes, People and Technology: the best synergy.
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