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It is the SAP implementation at a local level, which a multinational company performs to run a homogeneous and integrated technology across the different countries where it operates. It is based on a corporate template with pre-established guidelines, processes, and methodology that provides the foundation for further customization according to the local requirements in the countries where it is deployed.

We understand the benefit of system integration and the challenges of a regional SAP implementation.  We have designed a set of services that our Rollout Adaptive solution can offer depending on what each project needs:

SAP Rollout Expertise + SAP Knowledge +Languages + Multicultural Exposure

  • Execute gap analysis, configuration, abap development, change management
  • Capitalize on the knowledge of our consultants to understand LatAm markets' business and legal requirements.
  • Aid Core Teams in the integration, interpretation, and prioritization of local requirements.
  • Leverage on our consultants to quickly deploy new releases and changes in the LatAm markets.
Help Desk
Focus your core team on new strategies, template rules, and developments instead of time-consuming day-to-day support
  • Provide support to LatAm markets covering issues that do not require major system changes and would otherwise distract core-team members from more strategic tasks.
  • Increase end-user satisfaction by providing comprehensive Multilanguage/Multicultural support.
  • Speed-up support response time with proper issue diagnosis and escalation.
  • Use NetPartners' versed SAP consultants to cover the temporary demand in SAP without the overhead that full time employees impose.
Technical Translation
Because technical translation is not the same as standard translation
  • Project documentation translation in SAP technical slang.
  • Translation and adaptation of training material according to SAP and local slang.
  • SAP Multilingual support in meetings, teleconferences, and presentations.
Multi-National Training
Strengthen your training strategy and be effective in spreading the use of your SAP system
  • Support training deployment in Multilingual / Multicultural environments.
  • Translation and adaptation of training material according to SAP and local slang.
  • Assessment of training strategies to be assertive in multicultural environments.
PMO Advisory
Be aware of key success factors so your rollout in Latin America is smooth and successful
  • Project Plan reviews according to LatAm environmental forces.
  • Counseling in personal affairs and multicultural issues.
  • Risk analysis reviews.
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